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Are Gifts Really Essential For Your Wedding Party?

Updated: Jul 5

Historically gifts for the wedding party weren’t a thing; the sole purpose of a wedding party was solely down to the Roman era. Those days it was compulsory to have a minimum of 10 witnesses to exchange  vows, hence the roles of Bridesmaid and Groomsman being established.

In the 19th century gifts became a popular preference. Although not obliged, the mutual aim of gifting was to show gratitude and appreciation for their contributions, presenting them with a loving keepsake.

Generations later, the popularity has evolved with many couples wishing to show gratefulness to the Mother of the Bride/Groom, Father of the Bride/Groom (after all, traditionally they pay for the wedding, so a fancy hip flask or cufflinks won’t break the bank!), then there’s the Flower Girl(s) and Page Boy(s) etc.

It’s said to be common practice to devote between £100-£150 per person! Personally, I think weddings are an expensive occasion as it is, so you do have to be realistic. Spending can soon spiral out of control and eat away into your budget, especially with larger parties!

But… did you know, today, many people favour a more personalised gift than a costly gift?

A personalised gift is unique to the recipient with a great deal of thought and consideration going into choosing the gift. A priceless gesture that has true meaning and guaranteed to be valued without the big price tag! This way you can control your budget efficiently and you never know, you might have a few quid left to spoil your wife or husband to be with a surprise gift on the morning of the wedding. Now that’s super cute!

A popular option for many Brides today is to issue each member of her bridal party with a lavish gift box each filled with all the essentials that are ideal for the night before, the morning of the wedding and thereafter.

Here are some popular choices,

o   Robe for comfort and for getting the hair and make-up done

o   Hanger to hang their beautiful dresses

o   Flute glass to raise a toast

o   Slippers to keep their feet cosy

o   Eye mask for a good night’s sleep

o   Hair scrunchie to hold back the hair the morning after

o   Cute, personalised plaque to cherish

o   Charm for your bracelet to treasure

o   Customised Jewellery box as a kind reminder of the day

o   Crystal picture frame or slate with a favourite memory printed directly onto it

There’re literally no limits of what you can add, and these items are reusable too! It’s not to say we have to say no to consumable items though, we all love a bit of indulgence:

o   Yummy chocolate

o   Fizz or favourite tipple

o   Bath bombs and lotions for a bit of TLC

o   Beautifully scented cano   candles for a calming atmosphere

Let’s not forget the Grooms side of the party. Generally, the Groom gifts his Groomsmen a bottle of their favourite tipple and maybe a customised glass or something along those lines, but today things have diverted a little to say the least. The men appear to be following in the footsteps of the ladies and going all out to show their appreciation. They’re wanting the fancy box full of goodies too!

o   Hangers to proudly hang their suits

o   Glass to raise a toast

o   Hip Flask for the nerves

o   Socks so they don’t get cold feet

o   Custom boxer shorts for uniqueness

o   Sunglasses to hide those happy tears

o   Customised tie or bow tie to cherish

o   Cufflinks or tie clip to treasure

or if you’re going for the big bang,

o   A luxury watch case to display their collection of watches, cufflinks and other accessories

Children can be challenging to buy for, especially when they are very young. Many couples opt for a keepsake gift they can look back on in years to come, for instance, a custom plaque or a cute, framed script. Bundles are also a popular choice for Flower Girls and Page Boy’s, mixed with sentimental gifts such as a customised money jar and a fun

, quirky gift such as customised sunglasses (perfect to keep them entertained too!) or a chocolate bar with their name on.

Love wins every time, whatever you choose to gift your

, choose it with love.



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